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Yoguardo collaboration

WeAre1 Association is so proud of our newest collaboration with Yoguardo, one of the most successful entities in Spain.

Through this collaboration Yoguardo will provide WeAre1 with so many material donations to be able to help the Colombian women and children refugees in Spain, we believe this collaboration will leave a great impact.

Yoguardo always wanted to go a step further and to focus on helping more people. For that reason yoguardo decided to collaborate with WeAre1 , especially because WeAre1 main task is to protect the rights of children, women, and people without resources around the world so it has the knowledge and skills necessary to perform largescale projects.

This collaboration is positive for both sides. On the one hand,WeAre1 needed new collaborators to get more resources and thus be able to help more beneficiaries . On the other hand, Yoguardo supported WeAre1 vision and mission with the idea of showing some of its local programs, of improving the lives of many children and women, WeAre1 is very honored to collaborate with a socially responsible company.

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