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About Us

Who we are: 


 WeAre1 is regarded as one of the most influential institutions working for women, children, and unhoused people around the world. We have been partnering with central and state governments, national and international donors, non-government organizations and local communities, to break the cycle of poverty in the world. We also strive to improve the health, nutrition, and education of women, children, and unhoused people. 


Distilling international and national experience, we seek to learn from the poor to improve our interventions in under-serviced rural and urban areas. We aim at strengthening local governance processes that give marginalised and poor communities a voice and influence national policy.We adopt a human rights-based approach in our programmes, fostering partnerships for local development among community actors, service providers, and elected representatives.



What we do:


WeAre1’s overarching aim is to enable women, children, and the homeless of all ages, to take control of their lives and have a share in sustainable development. We seek to break the vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition, ill-health, illiteracy, abuse, and violence. Our initial focus on health and nutrition has grown further in the areas of education and women, children, and homeless protection. Our method is to converge sectoral interventions at the level of the family and the community. We adopt a human rights-based approach in strengthening local governance actors: Rural Panchayat Institutions, Urban Local Bodies, service providers, health personnel, teachers, and community representatives, to use available resources to identify local solutions. Our programs span project development and implementation, evaluation, network building, training, and capacity development, to serve marginalized communities.

WeAre1 provides a range of services to tackle the complex issues that make it hard for women and the homeless to find work. WeAre1 offers both job skills training and help with substance abuse problems such as alcohol and drug addiction. 

 We partner with Government and state governments around the world to make a fast and excellent impact: UN bilateral organisations, international,and national donors and networks. 

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