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Welcome To WeAre1 Family

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Lady grew up in Colombia and moved to the US to pursue her undergraduate degree from Bentley University. She leaded campaigns helping Latino women in both Colombia and USA, Dedicated and hardworking humanitarian with a strong passion for helping women and children, she started her mission in USA fighting for Latino women, comprehensive background in providing professional support to women, youth and homeless people, offers-well developed knowledge sociology and excellent problem solving skills. Strong work ethic and excellent breadth of experience in women foreign aid programs.

Very resourceful humanitarian worker with strong ethics and excellent breadth of experience in women foreign aid programs, leading several projects helping women in underserved communities, WeAre1 newest family member in the new chapter and head office in Spain.

Her Colombian and American background was the base of her experience in driving community engagement and in hosting various humanitarian events. Lady enjoys encouraging her peers into taking a more active participation on world issues, especially women human rights and humanitarian aid.

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