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WeAre1 would like to welcome two of our newest memebers

Antonio Rodriguez | Fundraising Director Antonio’s academic background is in Humanities, he is passionate about everything related to his bachelor's degree: Literature, Art, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, Geography and, especially, Rock music. He love teachings (also have a great experience as a teacher of Spanish and Universal Culture), with a wide experience in multinational companies, having held various positions. His specialty is the expansion of client portfolios and the capture of new markets and new deposits and opportunities. He is always been interested, since he was little, in humanitarian aid and especially youth aid programs, homeless, diversity and inclusion. Joining WeAre1 is his first experience with NGOs and we couldn’t be any less excited to have him as one of the team, he loves animals. Also let us introduce his black Labrador Curro'.

Cindy Glass | Fundraising Manager Cindy was born and raised in Argentina and moved to Barcelona to study a masters degree in International Relations & International Business. For her bachelor's I studied International Relations. always been interested in Human Rights, Humanitarian Crisis, Peace making, sustainability and International Organizations. Always wanted to work in a place that has a positive impact in the world and help others so WeAre1 was the perfect place for her to start.

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