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Weare1 is dedicated to the essential goal of preventing childhood sexual violence, a commitment made possible through the generous support of the Oak Foundation. As a proud participant in their Scale Accelerator: Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence program, we are grateful for the opportunity to make a significant impact on reducing the occurrence of sexual abuse and exploitation among children in the EU and UK.

Our project within this accelerator is called "SafeSteps:

Empowering Communities to Prevent Child Sexual Violence." This initiative is designed to empower communities, equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent and respond to incidents of child sexual violence.

By engaging parents, caregivers, educators, and community leaders, we aim to create a protective environment where children can thrive. The objectives of the SafeSteps project are as follows:

1. Raising awareness: Through comprehensive awareness campaigns, we seek to educate the community about the prevalence, signs, and consequences of child sexual violence.

2. Education and training: We provide workshops, training sessions, and resources to parents, caregivers, educators, and community members, focusing on recognizing signs of abuse, establishing healthy boundaries, and fostering open communication with children.

3. Strengthening reporting mechanisms: By collaborating with local authorities and child protection agencies, we strive to improve reporting mechanisms, ensuring that incidents of child sexual violence are promptly and effectively addressed.

4. Establishing safe spaces: Within the community, we will create safe spaces where children can seek support, share their experiences, and receive counseling from trained professionals.

5. Advocating for policy change: We actively collaborate with policymakers and advocacy groups to promote the importance of preventing child sexual violence and advocate for policies that protect children and hold perpetrators accountable.

As part of the accelerator program, we are provided with guidance, tools, and knowledge to assist in building and implementing sustainable strategies for scaling our solutions. This includes opportunities for rapid testing of new approaches and identification of the most effective methods for driving change at both national and systemic levels. Weare1 is extremely honored and grateful to be selected for this accelerator program, as it enables us to ensure the long-term sustainability of our project and maximize our impact in preventing child sexual violence.

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