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Mothers and Beyond Project

deaths due to complications from childbirth or pregnancy.The most common complications include severe bleeding, infections, high blood pressure, unsafe abortions, drug overdose, and complications from delivery. The good news is that most of these complications are preventable or treatable. The bad news is over 30% die cause of maternal mortality in developing countries, this problem been out there for decades without any sustainable solution.

About 50-800 women die per 100,000 live births in developing countries, compared to 3-30 per 100,000 in developed countries. This 50-100 fold risk in the maternal death rate amounts to 25-35% of all deaths among women of reproductive ages, compared to a 1% pregnancy-related death rate in industrialized nations.

Mother and Beyond invention was a novel idea that has been transformed into reality to help all mothers around the world especially in developing countries.

Our vision is to give mothers and children in developing countries the sustainable life they deserve instead of giving them a temporarily relief we aim to provide a permanent aid.

join us and be part of this project to end maternal mortality once and for all.

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