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Bad planning, corruption and the sudden shock of a pandemic have caused the Lebanese people to hit rock bottom and consumer prices to jump while hunger looms. Prices for the basic good are also skyrocketing.

It’s our job as Lebanese people to help our people back home and try to give them hope to live just like we do overseas. They didn’t have the chance to leave like we did but its our right to help them as much as we can. WeAre1 is leading the campaign and going to fund 430 vulnerable Lebanese families, seniors, single mothers and people in need for one year. We will start with cash assistance and other services they need like medications, private tutoring, etc.

Our vision is beyond just a box of food for one month or getting donations with vague explainations about how donations are spent like the recent fundraising campaigns on facebook. Our vision is to give them permanent aid to help them have a less stressful life.

It is the time now to help our people in Lebanon, even 2$ donation would make a big difference. Help us reach our target because WeAre1.

for donation please use the link below

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