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Let's Save The Homeless

Dear Colleagues and Friends, My name is Dr. Michelle White president of International Cosmetic Physicians society ICPS. I am a proud member of We Are 1, an non-governmental international organization founded by a group of medical doctors from different nationalities, who we have joined together in a revitalized effort to give a better way of life to those who are more unfortunate in the world. As the Covid-19 outbreak continues, the challenges they face have only gotten more extreme. Shelters are full, or closed, or too fraught with coronavirus risk to consider sleeping in. They have no access to toilets, much less toilet paper. They’ve been laid off, and there’s nobody on the street so they can’t even panhandle. Common places to find shelter and a bathroom—libraries, gyms, fast food restaurants—are closed. Soup kitchens are closing, out of food, and/or out of workers. That’s where we come together to help as much as we can. We Are 1 is leading a fundraising campaign that will not only prove our commitment to decreasing the occurrence of this shockingly prevalent virus, but will also benefit a truly worthy cause. I have challenged myself to raise at least $20,000 in contributions. My goal is to be able to help hospitals and homeless in three cities with the most damage due to the Covid19 virus. If you choose to support this effort, donations of bank transfers or checks with any amount would be appreciated. I truly appreciate your consideration of this request and hope that you can respond generously. Thank you!

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