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Hands of Hope

Youth and adolescents Homelessness plagues Barcelona neighborhoods especially with the pandemic we are still facing the youth homelessness percentage is over the top. This project focuses on youth and adolescents who currently reside in homeless shelters and in the streets. Traumatic stress from experiences that forced a young person into homelessness makes coping with the challenges of daily survival on the streets, and the ultimate goal of overcoming homelessness, very difficult. Surviving proves even more challenging when the shelters children depend on for daily, basic necessities cannot provide for their needs. The goal of Hands of Hope is to aid underperforming homeless shelters so they can provide them with basic living necessities, and to teach youth homeless the valuable tool of personal resilience through arts-based trauma-informed programming.

Our mission is to support youth and adolescent homeless with basic living necessities and social supports while teaching them the valuable tool of personal resilience to overcome challenges associated with homelessness. Hands of Hope will provide homeless young people a place to stay while they get the help they need to move on to independence, because a safe warm room is the first crucial step to breaking the cycle of homelessness. We will provide a brighter future for young people, by providing 150 bed for a start from the age of 16-25 years old.

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