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AmentiesPack Generous Donation

WeAre1 is so lucky to have Amentiespack as a donor. WeAre1 and the Slavation Army Church in Barcelona would like to Thank AmentiesPack for investing in our organization and in the unhoused people we serve. Your generous gift will go to good use, and we'll update you throughout the year with program announcements and special events.

We have received a generous hygienic kits for almost 700 unhoused person from the Salvation Army Church in Gracia, Barcelona. That’s why we wanted to take the time to thank you. Here at WeAre1 Association we value each and every one of our supporters and appreciate all the help we can get

With your donation, we are one step closer to achieve our goals and leave the right impact with our Employment program to help the unhoused people be part of the community again . WeAre1 program is to help the unhoused beneficiaries have the sustainability they deserve and providing them with the hygienic kits needed is part of the program.

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