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WeAre1 added programs

WeAre1 gave their first class to Help Homeless People Get Prepared for an Interview

People struggling with homelessness and the issues that often contribute to

homelessness may have a hard time finding steady employment even if they are determined to try. WeAre1 decided to help homeless people trying to get back into the workforce. WeAre1 also decided to employ homeless people in the near future. The skills needed to survive in the harsh conditions faced by the homeless community can be so different from the skills needed to land a job that many homeless people need training in how to present themselves to their own best advantage at an interview.

WeAre1 teaches homeless how to talk about the job skills they possess, how to explain gaps in employment to a potential employer and how to work out problems that may arise with co-workers or supervisors after they are hired. Interview Clothing Help

Even a homeless person with a strong work history, no substance abuse issues and excellent interview skills would still find it difficult to ace an interview without professional-looking clothing. WeAre1 also decided to help low income women and men , whether they are homeless or not, by providing a free suit for a job interview. After landing a job, homeless people can return for an additional free work outfit.

Substance Abuse Help

WeAre1 provides a range of services to tackle the complex issues that make it hard for

homeless people to find work. WeAre1 offers both job skills training and help with

substance abuse problems such as alcohol and drug addiction, provides supported housing and job opportunities for homeless people.

WeAre1 also offers a combination of substance abuse help, job skills training and job placement help for homeless people.

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